About Nick

I was born before the Internet was thought of (if Wikipedia is correct), and have been in full-time employment since before it became a reality. Technology, technology uses, and communication have always held a fascination for me. I have a keen interest in understanding what technology does, and how it can be used to make us communicate more effectively.

I’ve authored three white papers and a number of published articles. Been advisor to an impressive list of blue-chip corporations. And spoken at a number of conferences.

An inhabitant of Scotland (but not Scottish) and married to Nancy (who is Scottish) with a grown up family, I am a pretty private person but, I hope, quite engaging.

As Senior Director of Strategy & Marketing for Sykes Enterprises, a global provider of outsourced customer support services with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, I travel extensively. I’m responsible for understanding the needs of technology and communications companies, speaking their language, and addressing their needs.

For more career details, read on…

My early career in logistics was a great experience, establishing an understanding of international commerce and payments, customs and borders, that has proven invaluable in working with people in many countries. During these years, from 1977 to 1989, my employers included long-gone names such as Apollo Computer & Lep International where the opportunity to work in operations, sales and management was provided and grasped with enthusiasm.

The transition to outsourcing came in 1989 when I joined McQueen Ltd, a small Scottish company with a history in the print industry reaching back to 1845. McQueen had somehow gotten into producing software products in the ’80s for Aldus Corp and Adobe and others. In the years that followed the company grew, expanding operations to Europe, N America and Asia, and into providing contact center services to clients. We did a lot of ground-breaking stuff for the companies above, as well as Motorola, Kodak, Microsoft and others, during this time.

Since 1997 (when SYKES acquired McQueen) I have, apart from a two year stint at ClientLogic (now SITEL), held operations management, sales, product development and marketing positions. My interest in the customer experience is motivated by the many tales I hear where every effort a company made to serve a customer is trashed by one bad step, transaction or experience in the process. Unreasonable reliance on technology, poor planning, and worse execution are making good products and services and unhappy experience for customers and users.

My interest in the Internet has led to my being responsible for the development and promotion of SYKES ‘social’ services. People are core to everything in this respect – what users hope for and expect. Hence, the ‘Customer Experience’.

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