Good to Great…


I admire Apple, but I own only one Apple product (a 3rd generation iPod Nano 4gb). Therefore, I am not an ‘Apple-Head’, but this doesn’t stop me admiring Apple.

What makes Apple special is summed up in these two words – ‘Simple’ & ‘Experience’.

It’s all down to focus. Apple has done a really neat job of wrapping acceptable technical capability in a simple-to-use but stylish wrapper, with the right sprinkling of features and attributes.

The same is true of the whole Apple experience, see this article¬†by Mike Wittenstein, including the purchase and after-sales experiences. We all know that Apple is the company that all technology companies want to emulate, but it’s not just the products (which are technically OK) but the thoughtful way that they engage and impress customers, turning them into fans. Fans stick with you through thick and thin (as many sports teams know).

So, good job Apple! You leave your¬†competitors behind you, your products sell well, your fans remain loyal and are growing in number. I’m not a buyer, but I still like what you do and the way you think about the people that buy your products.

And it doesn’t cost much to get it right, right?

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