Customer Resonse Summit 3 | Scottsdale, AZ, November 14-16

I’m attending CRS3 next week in Arizona. Chad McDaniel and his team have put on two great events already, taking a pragmatic and in-depth look at the effects and uses of social media in customer service. It’s also a great networking opportunity. The organisers have put together a 30 second clip on YouTube.

My boss at SYKES, Mike Clarkin, is speaking on “Take Control in Social Media: Make Your Own Community the Right Arena for Engagement”. This is a thought-provoking approach that counters the current focus on doing everything through Facebook and Twitter. Sure, these social networks are useful but they can’t be all things to all men.

Come and join the debate. There are still delegate pass discounts available, saving over $1,000 on the regular ticket price. This should be enough to offset the cost of travel and accommodation. Simply enter “SYKES” in the promo field on the registration form.


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