Monthly Archives: August 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I’m fascinated by the hype around Social Media, Social Channels and Support Communities. I work in the Customer Contact Management business. So a connection between the two must exist, right?

So, my first post!

The Social Media hype reached a crescendo in 2010 that almost equalled the dotcom boom of earlier this millenium. Back then, many investors had their fingers burnt and lost a lot of money. This time around the hype reached a frenzy that is summed up in the market valuation placed on Facebook, the money paid to acquire bright new companies that not many people had heard of and even fewer understood, the interest of marketeers in exploring and exploiting social networks and twitter for brand and product promotion, customer support executives eyeing peer to peer support communities and the promise of vast audiences reached through virtually costless media. Take a look at this video on YouTube.

The intersection with customer engagement is at the point where the ‘push’ is joined by facilities such as ‘likes’, ratings, rankings, discussions and comments. The moment a discussion or comment is enabled, a platform is provided and people like a platform. People also like to help people. And that is what this is all about. People.

Social channels are about people expressing themselves, people reaching out for help, people joining in. They are a force for good and, sadly, for evil. And social channels need to be managed.

The Customer Experience needs to be managed, too. It’s not just the transaction instore, over the Internet, or on the phone, but the other pieces either side. Customer Experience is not just customer satisfaction, whatever that means (tick a box and move on, in my opinion), but is about brand loyalty and engagement, and word of mouth, and…people.

My future posts will be less philosophical. I hope they hit the spot!